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Wackies 7s. 10s, and 12s

Here are more Wackies selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  I’m a mad Wackies collector so if anyone is looking to unload any originals hit me at midnightraverblog@gmail.com.

Wackies always had the most soulful female singers.  More than any other label, Wackies represented female singers always and every time.  Joy Card, soul sister with the velvet voice.  Straight outta Philly.

Credit is due to Carter van Pelt for this tune.  I first heard it on his NYC radio show Eastern Standard Time.  I was lucky to find a NM copy for a good price.  Junior Delahaye would go on to become one of the defining voices at Wackies House of Music.  His showcase album is one of the best reggae albums I’ve ever heard.  The guitar solo at the end of this tune is mind-numbing…

Two album cuts from the Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris Showcase.  Wackies vibes through and through.

Wackies subsidiary label AIRES is one of those labels I always look for.  Great sound and vibe every time.  You will never go wrong picking up an AIRES 7″…

Special 12″ here.  Noel Delahaye’s version of this Bob Marley classic.  Tune also appears on Stephen Marley’s Revelation Part I as “Pale Moonlight.”

Serious dread vibes here…Wackies at its finest.

Killer 10″ from the great Wayne Jarrett.  One of the sweetest voices in reggae.

Little Roy backed by the Bullwackies All Stars…

Another roots killer on the AIRES label from Little Roy.

Very rare Leroy Sibbles cut of “My Guiding Star” on the AIRES label…Priceless

Rare Chosen Brothers lovers tune on the Bullwackie label.

Great rework of this soul classic by the one and only Clive Hunt.

Extremely rare Noel Delahaye “Tribal War” on the City Line label

Audley Rollins actually autographed this 10″ of his crucial tune “All I Want.”

Here are some great photos featuring the Wackies House of Music Crew.  I obtained these from Pisces Records’ Wackies Page (which is amazing!)





  1. Eric rios says:

    I love all the songs you post bredrin. I’ve been trying to find this Horace Andy tune for along time, it’s on the wackies movie, I believe it’s called gimme gimme, can’t seem to find any trace of it. Wondering if you would know anything about that tune. Bless

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