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Dub Syndicate feat. Bunny Wailer “Bless My Soul” from the ‘Hard Food’ LP (2014)

While we continue to mourn the loss of Lincoln “Style” Scott, as well as the many other reggae legends we lost in 2014, we can take some comfort in the fact that Style left behind one hell of a farewell album.  This is just one of many stunning tracks from the LP.  Here we have Bunny Wailer reprising The Wailers’ “Rock Sweet Rock.”   What a chune!!!!  Bunny’s vocal is amazing and Style and Flabba come hard on the riddim!  Big up Adrian Sherwood on the mix!

Tune is so nice I made my own video for it…

Stay tuned for my exclusive review of Dub Syndicate’s HARD FOOD which will be dropping at www.fdrmx.com later this week!





  1. Rob says:

    Just another reason this site is easily the #1 reggae site…..

    1. And you been supporting from the start

      1. rob says:

        seriously…way back in early 90s I got so excited to receive The Beat or Reggae Report in the mail. I have always found the internet to be lacking in substantive reggae news….That is until MidnightRaver blog. You give equal spotlight to contemporary roots and of course the golden years with your posting of lost singes from the 70s. But what separates your wriitng, is that you don’t think all reggae releases are great nor are all reggae artists perfect. This comes through in your site and it is refreshing to read.

        I wonder if Dr Dread can help you touch base with Billy Mystic? They had a few releases on RAS and were certainly outliers when they released their albums. With the group making a small comeback, I’d be curious to hear his thoughts on the “reggae revival” in JA.

        1. Check my piece called A Lion Awakes . Talk much about Billy Mystic’s involvement in the revival. The movement was actually born at his surf camp Jamnesia. VP just issued a Mystic Revealers Best Of called Crucial Cuts which is excellent

  2. Chiwama Musonda says:

    Great, great tune this!! Big up Michael, for sharing!

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