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Keepin’ Watch on Wailers – Joe Higgs live interview Midnight Dread #62 March 15, 1981 KTIM


Joe Higgs photo by Robert Fineman.


Doug Wendt interviews the Father of Trenchtown Music, the mighty Joe Higgs

-for the first time since its original broadcast– From Higgs & Wilson’s humble beginnings with Edward Seaga at WIRL Records to filling in for Bunny Wailer and on to filling up his passport on world tours as the bandleader of Jimmy Cliff’s Jamaican Experience, Joe Higgs lived a full life of accomplishment and contradiction. Here’s a brief written excerpt of Higgs from this crucial and extensive reggae radio program that’s filled with Joe’s earliest, best, and rarest works as well as enough wisdom to raise the dread. On the fruits of his 3rd Street Kingston musical clinic Higgs says, “In those days (The Wailers) were very young and green, and you know, you been telling them, you been teaching them things you are not so sure that they are gonna maintain or sustain to take along in their expansion, you know, in their recording and singing ability. So like you keep a watch on them for a while, you know, and sometimes you just give your advise here and there…”


“But that was because like, you know, there was nothing else to do at that time musically. No acceptance. All doors closed. Now the first person to suffer for being a Rastaman is Joe Higgs. That is supposed to be known in all Jamaica. Banned from the business. And that what cause me to be so much like in Trenchtown and like, you know, feel like I’m going to be wasted. So I start imparting all these things to other people, kids, you know…”


“It satisfies me to see that today Marley is like the exponent of the music. It satisfies me a lot cause like it’s a personal victory for me. I’m grateful-like, you know what I mean. Peter also. Bunny. I mean these people are exponents of the music. Jimmy Cliff. But The Wailers, you know, there’s a lot of satisfaction to saw that it out there on the international scene, music by the burden bearer right now Bob Marley.” -Joe Higgs March 15th, 1981. Bob Marley passed on less than two months later.


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