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Ptah: The Return of Puma

On April 10, 2015, Christos DC’s Honest Music label will release “One,” the debut solo single by Thievery Corporation’s Puma Ptah. The single is an extraordinary tune that marks the rebirth of an artist formerly known as Ras Puma. Puma is perhaps best known to reggae fans as the enigmatic frontman for The Archives, the short-lived yet critically-acclaimed reggae project by Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton whose 2012 self-titled album garnered praise from fans and critics alike. “One” is the first single from Puma Ptah’s forthcoming debut solo EP titled In One Accord which will be released on the Honest Music label in May 2015.

On the album’s first single, a reggae roots tune titled “One,” Puma delves into the interconnectedness of everything and everyone within the universe, a refreshing perspective on Rastafari’s ‘one love’ concept. It is tune that features mesmerizing horns and a memorable hook (All ah we is One/All ah we is One/Including the moon and the stars and the sun). Lyrically, Puma is in fine form threading the universe together with words like “Where the expansion come from/Supernova watch the elements come dung/Cosmic music just playing all the while/A frequency that flows in one at heart with the Nile/Original trinity mumma, puppa and child/Original trinity mumma, puppa and child.”

On “Prudence” Puma levels the vibe grou-nation style over Leslie “Black Seed” James’ crisp hand drumming and Christos DC’s acoustic guitar. It is a sparse ceremonial tune with an unmistakable “inna de yard” sound and vibe.  Puma goes back to the struggle on “Business of Confusion,” placing the bullseye dead center on politicks, corruption and wickedness.  (the track also features a brutal, searing guitar solo by Christos DC).  “Upright” is a foundation rub-a-dub track that showcases the Honest Music DC horns section front and center in the mix, giving the track a warm and hazy vintage sound that is undeniably authentic.

The EP is rounded out by a bonus dub mix of “One” by the Y&D Duke Production team as well as a dub version of “Upright” by Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred of I-Grade Dub/Zion I Kings. The versions are so well-mixed and impressive that Honest Music DC should seriously consider a proper full length showcase album. Nonetheless, ‘In One Accord’ is a worthy solo debut from one of reggae’s most articulate and outspoken lyricists and proof that the Honest Music DC players are as talented a collective of musicians as any in modern reggae.

Raver reasons w/ Puma Ptah at Honest Music DC Studios

Raver reasons w/ Puma Ptah at Honest Music DC Studios




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