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Bob Marley Memoriam Midnight Dread #71 May 17-18th, 1981 KTIM From Simmer Down To Coming In From The Cold

This live MD radio tribute from the week Bob Marley flew away home is available now for the first time since its original 2 1/2 hour broadcast featuring rare interviews, concerts, & Bob’s life story. It was produced, compiled, & written by Doug Wendt with help from Stephen Davis, Carl Gayle, Roger Steffens, Tony G, Jeff Walker, Tony Moses, Timothy White, Peter Simon, Roman Kosak, Rahni Sinclair, Deeling C. Gregory, Jerry Stein, Lance Linares, Hank Holmes, and Robert Nesta Marley, Dread in a Babylon. (studious Bob photo credit: Lisa Dubois in CLASS Magazine)

Part One listening outside US:


Part One listening in US:


Part Two listening outside US:


Part Two listening in US:


The special features excerpts from rare interviews with Bob as well as selections from Marley’s final concert in Pittsburgh including its amazing encores, a December 1979 live in Santa Cruz CA song as well as segment of the soundtrack from Jeff Walker’s unreleased film on the Smile Jamaica concert including “So Jah Seh” the last song performed that frightful day, plus a live report from Roger Steffens on Bob’s funeral, an Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony, Marley’s reaction to seeing the Smile Jamaica & Heartland Reggae (One Love Peace Concert) films and the memorials that week in L.A. After the program’s opening volley of some of Bob’s most well known and important compositions Wendt tracks Marley’s rise from the country side of Jamaica to sold out concerts that broke attendance records worldwide in his final 1980 tour.



Pioneering Bay Area reggae DJ and member of The Rastafarians performing group Tony Moses closes the show with his Invocation for Bob recorded that week at The Stone in San Francisco, site of The Wailers incendiary and highly influential debut when the same club was known as The Matrix in October 1973. Won’t you help us sing?




Transferring, digitizing, and mastering crucial historic reggae documents in the Midnight Dread Archive like this takes a lot of effort, over 40 hours for this Bob Marley Special for instance, and it cannot continue without your support that helps carve out the proper time to make such devotion to quality and consciousness possible. Please consider purchasing rare premiums from Midnight Dread’s eBay store and MD’s website exclusives or make direct contributions via PayPal to to keep the flow going. Thank-you.


Last week’s Midnight Dread vintage program features co-host and Word Sound Power film maker Jerry Stein who helps illustrate with sound how reggae was poised for success in the hours before the death of The King with many rarities & new releases straight from Randy’s in New York City. Dreadcasting over the air since 1979 & online since 1996 dreader 21st Century Midnight Dread programs air daily at 12am including replays often heard in his Best of All Worlds high noon slot and where one can also become conscious at 6am with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising, all curated by Doug everyday, all times Pacific. Many more Midnight Dread sights & sounds here and on this blog’s Midnight Dread page.




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