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RAVER EXCLUSIVE! Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred (I-Grade Dub) live at Dub In DC III!

Today we present an EXCLUSIVE live set from our friend Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred of I-Grade Dub/Zion I Kings.  Performed live at DC’s Bossa Bistro on Friday April 3, 2015, DUB IN DC III featured a slamming live set from I-Grade Dub and selections by our good friend Dutty Bookman, author of the new book Fatidic:  Selected Duttyisms.  Tippy-I shares his set of blazing Zion I Kings-produced tracks with the world for the first time here at MIDNIGHT RAVER!

Hailing from the US Virgin Islands, I-Grade Records and Zion I Kings are at the forefront of the U.S. roots reggae movement.  As musicians, producers, and dubmixologists they have pushed reggae roots to its highest heights producing cutting edge projects with the likes of Midnite, Pressure Busspipe, Ziggi Recado, and Jahdan Blakkamore.  As I recently stated in my review of Blakkamore’s ‘Order of Distinction’:

“The work of Zion I Kings has ushered in the most inventive and transformational period for roots reggae in more than thirty years.  This unique brand of modern roots reggae – commonly known as the “I-Grade sound” – is characterized by an authentic and profound spiritual intensity, overtly Rastafarian and Pan-Africanist lyrical themes, and multi-layered percussive and horns-driven soundscapes which give the sound a deeply reverential and ceremonial feel. It is a sound that has clearly influenced an entire generation of aspiring roots reggae artists and is largely responsible for the resurgence in popularity of socially conscious roots reggae throughout the world. Jamaica’s so-called “reggae revival” isn’t as much a spontaneous, homegrown, grassroots movement among like-minded socially conscious reggae artists, as it is Jamaica’s answer to Midnite, the “I-Grade sound,” and the global influence of the entire Virgin Islands reggae contingent.”

Big respect to Tippy-I for sharing this exclusive with MIDNIGHT RAVER.




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