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A Sublime Wailing Souls tune

Sublime was the epitome of California punk reggae soul.  One of the finest originators of a style that today is known as “California Roots.”  Apart from being a drug and drink fueled machine bound straight for hell, they played some of the rawest roots and ska that any US band has ever played.  Lead singer/guitarist Bradley Nowell was a true roots reggae aficianado who visited the real Jamaica on several occasions as a youth.  The influence of reggae in shaping Sublime’s sounds is undeniable.  It is a heavy roots tune from the band’s last album with Nowell that really speaks to the depth of their knowledge.  The tune “Pawn Shop” is a brilliant re-telling of the Wailing Souls “War Deh Over John Shop,” produced by the great Linval Thompson.

If Linval had a piece of this publishing he probably never has to work again considering the Sublime album is certified 5 times platinum.

I have included the album version along with a live version of the Sublime tune with the original version of the Wailing Souls tune.

Check Nowell’s brutal guitar work on the album version.






  1. ubermize says:

    I had no idea. Love that tune!

  2. Bro Jakob says:

    John Shop is produced by The Wailing Souls themself and not Linval T. If not the credits on both Lp and 12inch are wrong.

    1. midnightraverblog says:

      Thats crazy because Linval owns the publishing rights…

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