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Don Carlos feat. Christos DC “Righteous Chant” available today!

Don Carlos and Christos DC team up once again on “Righteous Chant,” the latest single from the Honest Music DC production house. The tune features Carlos and Christos flowing effortlessly over a dense foundation roots riddim that was constructed around a four-track instrumental created by Christos nearly twenty years ago. It is vintage Don Carlos – that unmistakeable Waterhouse wail that has made him one of the most treasured voices in reggae and a living legend among few.

Christos first played the four-track instrumental for Don while touring with him in 1997. Don, immediately inspired by the riddim, agreed to voice it, penning lyrics with a powerful conscious message. The tune, which was originally recorded using analog equipment, was never officially released and was only recently transferred to digital format. The result is a timeless tune with the vintage sound of guitars and keys from the world of analog tape mixed with newly recorded elements, creating a distinctive sonic contrast.

“Righteous Chant” is a return to form for Don Carlos and one of the finest reggae releases of 2015. The single, along with a live Dub Architect Mix and Honest Music version, is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon today.





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