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Raver Reviews: Jah Cure’s ‘The Cure’ Album Review

Jah Cure‘s long-anticipated new album ‘The Cure’ is an exceptional piece of work from one of Jamaica’s most beloved contemporary reggae artists.  The thirteen song set features recent hits like his #1 reggae chart-topping John Legend cover “All of Me,” “Rasta,” “That Girl” and “Life We Live” as well as brand new singles including “No Friend of Mine,” “Made In California,” and “I Surrender.”

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  1. Jon says:

    I’m torn on Jah Cure. He’s a convicted rapist, which is awful. On the other side, he served his time and shouldn’t he have a chance at rehabilitation? Then again, he’s a rapist.

    1. midnightraverblog says:

      Believe me bro, I feel you. In Jamaica you never know though. He pled not guilty before gun court when a plea of guilty would have gotten him a reduced sentence (and 12 years is no joke). If guilty, it is a heinous crime against humanity and he is a worthless piece of shit who will have to answer again for it one day. If innocent, there was a huge miscarriage of justice, nothing too out of the ordinary for Jamaica.

  2. John murphy says:

    There is absolutely no doubting the talent this man has.what he alledgedly done should not in any way tarnish jah cures unmistakable mark on reggae music the world over or hinder his now long walk to deliver to the masses who love this mans music,myself included.The injustice or justice delivered and handed down to siccature alcock should be left in the past.the way the authorities in jamaica have handled high profile reggae artists in the past few decades who have spoke out for the masses by trying to shun them or attack their freedom leaves me wondering??,theres certainly a huge ? Over this mans conviction in my opinion.the man has done his time and has responded in a way an innocent man.anyway positivity is always the way forward and what beautiful music this man bellows out.lift his ban worldwide and deliver this music the world over.

    1. midnightraverblog says:

      Great perspective. Thanks for commenting.

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