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Fatty Boom MD #89 September 20th-21st, 1981 KTIM forward we go

1861 upside down is 1981! Bob Andy concurs. Heavyweight Jimmy Cliff’s philosophy is song titles reprised forward. When fatties go boom at midnight Marley sings of milk shakes & potato chips. The 1st listener All Time Top 5 airs. Heavy vibes dominate as t’ings get thick & physical.


Tune in & dub it if you’re ranking. The proof is in the stylus picking up non-stop sine waves preserved now with analog tape; freshly prepared, mastered, digitized, and sane-Itized for your protection. It’s September 1981. The first ever One Love Creations sponsored monthly MD playlist/chart is published & distributed, “from the Reggaelator to your Generator”


After the call out went forth in previous Midnight Dread program for listeners to send lists of their All Time Top Five Reggae Songs (or dubs, DJs, or instrumentals), the first postcard arrived at KTIM studios from Cindi Rodwell in San Pablo CA, way across the bay from “the last free form station”. Being an early bird, despite her extra tracks, her set gets played straight away in this program’s Part 1 which ends with Sly & Robbie’s pane-rattling “Dub Boom”.



When the clock strikes midnight fatties of all sorts gather to weigh in with enthusiasm and love. Barrington tops Brian Wilson’s #1 hit refrain for Jan & Dean, “2 girls for every boy” in Surf City, with Levy’s “21 Girls Salute” in Jamaica, opening the doors for a bevy of beauties, size no matter. A new day starts with ’nuff boom to go ’round, something the poor mon can handle.




Last week’s Midnight Dread made sure I and I rise and shine. Truly. On the air since 1979 & online since 1996 dreader 21st Century Midnight Dread programs air daily at 12am including replays often heard in his Best of All Worlds high noon slot and where one can also become conscious at 6am with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising, all curated by Doug everyday, all times Pacific. Many more Midnight Dread sights & sounds here and on this blog’s Midnight Dread page.

“7 fat girls for every slim brethren” in Barrington Levy’s hit song “21 Girls Salute”. Atten-hup!


These shows will keep coming if interested folks help keep underwriting them by picking up exclusive premiums from the MD website store or from the crucial music, film, & art premiums available in the Midnight Dread eBay Store. Give thanks.

Fatty Boom is the Number One Hun-dread and One Upload by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud. Connect & hit Play All to listen for Iver.



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