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Raver Reviews: Christos DC meets Neil Young with “Heart of Gold”

A truly unique and inspiring performance from our friend Christos DC!

The  artist/ producer Christos DC (aka  Christopher Vrenios) was  born and raised in Washington, D.C. by parents who sang opera and  taught voice professionally. He takes his  name from his  Greek heritage, using a nickname given to him by his  grandmother to represent the lineage that set  the tone of  his  musical path.

“The song Heart Of Gold has always had  a special place in my  musical journey,” Christos explains. “One of the first song books my  brother Nick and I received was  Easy Guitar: Neil Young’s Greatest Hits. We were around 10 years old at  the time, and  I immediately learned how to play the song. Reggae  has  often been dubbed ‘island soul,’ so remaking this classic in this genre was  a no-brainer. You can  go to almost any  bar  in Jamaica and find a jukebox play­ ing country, the blues, or  classic R&B. Music is a gift,” Christos says.” When  we share it, we should consider the effect it will have on others. This is why I make honest music.”

Here is what Raver says about the single:

“Honest Music proves yet again to be one of the most dynamic and innovative production houses in reggae with Christos DC’s remarkable cover of Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold.’ Christos’ novel reimagination of this classic rock standard is skillfully orchestrated  and brilliantly executed, breathing new life into a song well worth reviving.”

Street Date: October 16, 2016


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