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Akae Beka/Fifth Son Records Giveaway!

Many thanks to Akae Beka and Fifth Son Records for hooking Midnight Raver with copies of Akae Beka’s debut CD ‘Homage To The Land’ so that we can have this CD giveaway contest. Check Raver’s review of the new Akae Beka/Fifth Son Records release!

The first fan to answer the following questions correctly will win a free copy of Akae Beka’s ‘Homage To The Land!’

Simply enter your answers in the comments section or email them to midnightraverblog@gmail.com.

  1. Prior to forming Midnite, Ron Benjamin went to college to study what?

  2. Midnite’s debut album ‘Unpolished’ was initially released in one country only. What was that country?

  3. After arriving in Washington DC in the early 1990s, Midnite entered the studio to record their demo tape. Who was the producer of that demo tape?

  4. In 1999 Vaughn Benjamin entered the studio with Scientist and Thievery Corporation’s Desmond Williams to lay down several experimental tracks. These tracks were later included on which Midnite album?

  5. Midnite has collaborated with Fifth Son Records on seven albums, including a dub album and the most recent Akae Beka album. On which albums did Ron Benjamin play?



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