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Raver Reviews: Akae Beka’s ‘Homage To The Land’

On Homage To The Land, the debut album by Akae Beka, Vaughn Benjamin forges a new path with a familiar sound.  This most recent Vaughn Benjamin/Fifth Son collaboration has the signature high quality production, however with a more refined sound than previous efforts.

Akae Beka’s debut album Homage To The Land, released by Fifth Son/VPAL on November 6, 2015, was viewed by some to be the second incarnation of Midnite.  On the album Vaughn Benjamin brings his unique brand of reggae with strong orchestral and jazz elements – an agile, buoyant, multi-layered sound characteristic of Fifth Son productions.  Benjamin’s chant and call is backed by mandolins (“All We Be”), violins (“Right Away”), flutes (“World Citizenship”), and a whole host of brilliantly-played horns, including trombones, trumpets, and a wicked bari sax (“Homage To The Land”).  The playing on the album is nearly flawless.  The Fifth Son players are methodical and precise on guitars, nimbly picking apart each tune with exactness and command.

Homage To The Land is a laudable debut effort for Vaughn Benjamin under the Akae Beka moniker.  As players of instruments the band is in top form as they construct a ten song set that should satisfy even the most devout and discerning of Midnite fans.  Although the band experiments with an assortment of new instruments, the album’s sound does not become buried nor does the album sound overproduced.  A solid album from start to finish and proof yet again that Vaughn Benjamin is one of reggae’s most dynamic talents.



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