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Bob Marley on women

Included here is an interview with Bob Marley which appeared in the Spring 1980 edition of Reggae News.  The interview was conducted backstage at the Santa Barbara County Bowl, November 25, 1979.

Marley  &  members  of   the Wailers are playing soccer with one of the interviewers.  Marley sits in a corner and signs autographs for  nu­merous  small  children.  Interviewers  include  Douglas Washington, Ojenki  & Darcy Diamond from LA  and  Karen  from Santa Barbara.

It is a fascinating interview in that the female interviewers are very hostile toward Marley.  These women come off as self-righteous, ignorant, and condescending as they scold him over their own misconceptions of the treatment of women by Rastafarian men.  Always the gentleman, Marley endures their shallow and ridiculous questions.  One interviewer becomes so disgusted with their ignorant line of questioning that he just leaves the room.

It is truly astonishing that these women aren’t just ousted from the room by Marley’s handlers.  Here they have access to one of music’s true talents…a musical genius in many respects…and they pursue such an elementary line of questioning.

Also included in the same issue of Reggae News is a rare and revealing interview with the I-Three.





  1. Imagine what this interview would be like now on US campuses with their talk of safe places and so forth… Things never seem to change

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