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Wailing Souls on MD #102 December 6-7th, 1981 KTIM Kingdom Rise

Wailing Souls’ Pipe, Bread, Buddy, & Garth live Midnight Dread interview introduced & interspersed with top ranking heartfelt music 6 weeks after their world debut outside Jamaica at Berkeley Reggae Sunblast. The Souls determination & strategy breeds success.

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The Wailing Souls discuss their early work starting off with Coxsone (Clement Dodd) at Studio One, then at Mango Records (Chris Blackwell) while backing and being produced by Trenchtown Music Father Joe Higgs. They followed that landmark album WILD SUSPENSE, which many consider one of reggae’s finest ever, with Henry Junjo Lawes’ series of depth charged productions that usually featured their mystical harmonies over Roots Radics riddims mixed by Scientist. Feel the Curse of The Mummy and fight back! Crucial me lion. Feel the spirit. Back weh craven hypocrites. Wailing Souls arrive and wail all ways always.


Lloyd “Bread” McDonald Benjamin Ailes photo, Sunblast, Berkeley, Oct 24, 1981




Interview recorded live December 6th-7th 1981 at KTIM studios in San Rafael, California. This is the first time this program has been heard since the night of its original dreadcast. Vital ital.


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Last week’s Midnight Dread vintage program features another amazing live interview with Joe Higgs, Wailing Souls & Wailers mentor supreme. Dreadcasting over the air since 1979 & online since 1996 dreader 21st Century Midnight Dread programs air daily at 12am including replays often heard in his Best of All Worlds high noon slot and where one can also become conscious at 6am with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising, all curated by Doug everyday, all times Pacific. Many more Midnight Dread sights & sounds here and on this blog’s Midnight Dread page.


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The Wailing Souls international debut Benjamin Ailes photo, Sunblast, Berkeley, Oct 24, 1981

Kingdom Rise with The Wailing Souls is the Number One Hun-Dread and Twelfth Upload by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud. Connect & hit Play All to listen for Iver.



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