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Raver Virgin Islands Reggae Specials: Reggae Kulture Show

Jah Raver takes the controls at New Zealand’s Reggae Kulture Radio Show to highlight the best of reggae from the US Virgin Islands.  These sets include exclusive live material, album cuts, vinyl selections and more from the likes of Midnite, Pressure Busspipe, Army, Danny-I, Tuff Lion, Dezarie, Taj Weekes , Niyorah, and many more!

The Reggae Kulture Show, broadcast on Free FM out of Hamilton, New Zealand, reveals the rich history of Ska,Rocksteady, Reggae, Roots reggae up to its modern current trends. Hosted by renowned Marley family expert ‘Natty Mouse,’ this weekly radio show is also webcast at  TuneIn_Logo_2000px

Midnight Raver’s Virgin Islands Reggae Special Part I

Midnight Raver’s Virgin Islands Reggae Special Part II

Reggae from the Virgin Islands is unlike any other kind of music. Massive roots bass lines are typically merged onto one drop drum rhythms and then injected with a heavy dose of bubbling from the keyboards to form a distinct ‘Cruzial’ sound.

Chanters clearly dominate St. Croix’s musical scene. This style of singing is personified by younger DJ’s pelting out fire-brand lyrics at break neck speed. With pure conscious lyrics dealing with sufferation, social justice and other real life issues, STX music is clearly a ‘people’s music’.

The female singers of the Virgin Islands are unrivaled. Whether it’s hypnotic and tantalizing vocals from Dezarie or powerful toasting from Sistah Joyce or Mada Nile, these empresses demonstrate that the women of St. Croix take a back seat to no one.

Roots music from the Virgin Islands is not a new phenomenon. Reggae bands such as Midnite and Inner Visions have been in existence since the 80’s, though it is only in recent years that ‘Cruzial’ music has gained a large international following. The fruits of this musical eruption are revealed in the dozens of roots albums that have been released in the past few years, with dozens more expected to be released in 2005. The streets of St. Croix are teeming with conscious new roots artists just waiting for their time to blossom. VI Reggae has arrived!!!

From this page you can access lots of ‘Cruzial’ information about VI Artists. Click on a name to the left to obtain more knowledge on that artist, including bios, a discography, sound samples, photos and links to purchase music. If you seek information regarding a particular album, click on the image of that album below.




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