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Did the Reggae Grammy Committee get it right this time? Yes…well, sort of…hmmm


If you can get past the fact that 2015’s best reggae album (Protojé’s Ancient Future) didn’t even get nominated, and forgive the ineptitude of passing over Barrington Levy on what was most likely his best shot at winning the award, then I guess the Reggae Grammy Committee did a pretty decent job. I mean if they weren’t going to bestow the honor upon one of Jamaica’s most well-known, respected and accomplished voices for an almost supernatural vocal performance, then they made the reggae gods happy by giving the award to Morgan Heritage for their best album in years. Never mind the fact that Barrington Levy, whose performance on AcousticaLevy is probably his best vocal performance in three decades, will never again be so perfectly positioned to win the Reggae Grammy like he was in 2015. I mean he’s only been the most distinctive voice in reggae for more than 30 years, but who’s checking?

Don’t get me wrong, Morgan Heritage was deserving of the award. Strictly Roots is an exceptional album and one that made my top five in 2015 (I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an album more positively). However, Morgan drops a Grammy-worthy album every other year and they are only now reaching their prime. So here we are once again reggae fans, left scratching our heads as we try to make sense of an award selection that doesn’t quite deliver.


Big shout to Morgan Heritage for their first Reggae Grammy nomination and win for their exceptional album Strictly Roots!

The Reggae Grammy committee has been under-performing for so long that their annual adventure in obsolescence is no longer as painful as it is sad. There are so very few institutions that even recognize reggae anymore that I suppose we should be thankful that at least one still pays attention, even if it did summarily overlook the most prolific and transformative force to hit reggae since Bob Marley himself. I’m speaking of course about Midnite, a band who over the past two decades has utterly redefined the sound and vibe of reggae yet cannot claim even one Reggae Grammy Award nomination to their credit. It is as if the Committee is wholly ignorant of the “reggae revival” that occurred prior to the “reggae revival.”

I’m not saying Midnite is the be-all and end-all of modern reggae but, wait…that is exactly what I’m saying. I mean if The Wailers are The Beatles of reggae then Midnite is surely The Rolling Stones. But hey, I overstand. The committee was extraordinarily busy over the past two decades nominating groundbreaking, landmark reggae albums like Psychedelic Souls, Life Is A Miracle, Island Warriors, Ghetto Dictionary, Def Jamaica, Clothes Drop, Who You Fighting For?, Let’s Get Physical, Intoxication, Reincarnated, Dutty Rock, The Trinity, Imperial Blaze, Tomahawk Technique, Full Frequency, and not nearly enough Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs retreads.


Jah see and know…

Always the eternal optimist, I am looking forward to the lifetime achievement award that is most certainly in the cards for Midnite. That is if they can wrest it from the hands of Sean Paul.


The Rolling Stones of reggae?





  1. Come on Morgan Heritage should have been nominated (and win) the Grammy long time ago already so they are the RIGHT winners this year.. I find this a very bitter article not nice at all really. I am disappointed. Looks like envy, jealousy and bitterness took over.

    1. midnightraverblog says:

      Not envious, jealous, or bitter…but very cynical indeed. I don’t think I was harsh on Morgan at all. In fact, quite the opposite. I even say in the article that “Morgan drops a Grammy-worthy album every other year and they are only now reaching their prime.” Look, this article is not about Morgan Heritage. It is about a Reggae Grammy committee desperately out of touch with reality.

      Thanks for commenting. Nuff respect to you and the label.

  2. rob says:

    How can we find out the list of people who vote for the Reggae Grammy?

  3. Etienne says:

    Are you hitting the Morgan Heritage show at the Howard on Feb 26th?

    1. midnightraverblog says:

      Man you know I can’t leave the house. I’m knee-deep in babies right now. This was the one show I wanted to see this year.

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