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Raver Reviews: Raging Fyah sublime on “Milk & Honey”

It is quite peculiar that Raging Fyah would choose to cover one of reggae’s greatest songs, produced by one of reggae’s greatest producers, and performed by one of reggae’s most talented and beloved artists. Covering any popular reggae tune is somewhat risky. There is always the chance that the cover version will not measure up to the original. So when I heard that Raging Fyah was taking on Dennis Brown’s “Milk and Honey” I was immediately intrigued.

“Milk and Honey” isn’t just any Dennis Brown tune. It is one of his greatest career performances ever pressed to record. Clive Hunt has produced an endless list of hit reggae tunes, however, his work on “Milk and Honey” is nothing short of extraordinary. Clive’s horns arrangement is simply stunning. All Clive. Fish Clarke’s performance on drums is hypnotic.  The players are in tune and on time. He gets an inspired vocal performance from the Crown Prince. It is, without a doubt, some of his best work.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be done.  Earl 16’s version of the tune (produced by Roberto Sanchez) is fantastic.

Although Raging Fyah’s performance of this classic tune lacks the exuberance and jubilation of Brown’s performance and the blazing horns of Hunt’s production, the band makes this tune all their own, coming with a sublime version of the tune that even Brown himself would appreciate. The driving cadence of Hunt’s original production is replaced here by a downtempo riddim and extraordinary lead vocals underpinned by beautiful backing vocals. I love this performance. It grows on me with every listen.  I have a feeling you are listening to one of the best reggae singles of 2016.

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