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Raver Reviews: “Police Man” by Kenyatta Hill feat. Puma Ptah and Akae Beka (Honest Music DC)

“Police Man” is Kenyatta Hill’s re-cut of Joseph Hills tune of the same name which was originally produced for Tafari Records by Blackbeard. The original tune was issued as Jospeh Hill & Culture’s “Police Man” on a Nura 7″ 45 rpm.

Kenyatta’s brilliant remake features Puma (The Archives, Thievery Corporation) and Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite, Akae Beka) breaking the tune down to its elements in fine style. Kenyatta brings the first verse with a vocal that is eerily reminiscent of his father’s vocal on the original, yet with more fire and energy. Kenyatta’s vocal delivery is so strikingly similar to his father’s that at times it sounds as if Joseph is coming to us live and direct from the great beyond with a message about police brutality in today’s society.

Puma’s unmistakable vocal on the second verse complements Kenyatta well as he lists off the victims of police brutality. He flows fast and furious over the riddim, giving his best performance in some time on the track.

For his part, Vaughn Benjamin chants down verse three in his own distinct style, with impressive quickness and agility. Listeners will surely have to rewind the track to fully realize where Vaughn is taking them on this journey.

As is the case with previous releases from Honest Music DC, the production is top-notch. The riddim track is much heavier and multi-dimensional compared to the original. The track features Black Seed (drums, percussion), Stephen “Big Yard” Samuels (bass), Christos DC (guitar, juice harp, backing vocals), and Darryl “D-Trane” Burke (keys). It is produced by D-Trane, Christos DC, and Black Seed for Honest Music DC and mixed by Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred.






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