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Raver Reviews: Suns of Dub’s ‘Dub Inna New Age Vol. I’ EP

Like a baby taking its first breath, “Winds of Creation”/“Winds of Dub” washes over the soul with life, a beautiful and meditative arrangement of sounds that are both wistful and inspirational.  Supported by acoustic guitars and light instrumentation, Addis Pablo is center stage, taking the listener on a journey through space and time to that rare place where he resides.  It is a place of total and perpetual peace.  A place that is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of life.  A place where his creative spirit roams freely.

This short set of nine dub melodica tracks, first issued in 2012, is now available for purchase through ITunes.  For $5.99, it is an experience well worth your time.

A MIDNIGHT RAVER modern roots classic!




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