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MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Dennis Brown Rare Dubplates

Included here is MIDNIGHT RAVER‘s EXCLUSIVE deadly selection of Dennis Brown Dubplates.  No chatter ‘pon ‘dis one…you know the story.

Damien Marley – Intro
Dennis Brown – Reasoning
Dennis Brown – Due Season Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Three Meals Dubplate
Dennis Brown with Prince Mohammed – Money In My Pocket Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Run Too Tuff Dubplate(Observer)
Dennis Brown with Aswad – Promise Land Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Black Liberation Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Deliverance Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Satan Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Satisfaction Feeling Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Revolution (Sashamane Dubplate)
Dennis Brown with Black Steel – Sound for Life Dubplate
Dennis Brown – Gimme Your Loving (Extended Mix)
Dennis Brown – Africa Dubplate
Dennis Brown – No More Will I Roam

Two exceptional dubplates included within this set I have on acetate in my own record collection. The first is “Deliverance Will Come,” the hard-stepping album opener from the Visions album which features an incredibly adept Eric “Fish” Clarke on drums.

The second is a dubplate cut titled “Satan” and it is by far the heaviest dubplate in my collection. I bought it from a guy over in Great Britain and he kn ew nothing about it except that it was making runnings in the original 80’s soundsystem scene. I do not recognize the tune or riddim, which makes me suspicious that it may not be DEB at all. However, it sure sounds like his vocal…What you guys think? I’d almost bet a working testicle that Eric “Fish” Clarke is responsible for those wicked drums. He played on a ton of DEB tunes from this period and his cross-sticking is pure murda!

Eric “Fish” Clarke

Dennis Brown, Barry Llewellyn of the Heptones and Junior ‘Jux’ Delgado outside The Boothe Memorial Hall, North Parade, Kingston May 1977. (Photo: Dave Hendley)




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