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King Tubbys Uptown 40th Anniversary

Support the 40th Anniversary re-issue of King Tubby’s Meets Rockers Uptown and be part of this release.

An open letter to music fans from Addis and Isis Swaby:

We are honored to present a reissue of the “King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown” album on the 40th anniversary of its release in 1976 which will include a few rare and never before released tunes by our father.

We love collaborating with other streetwear brands, especially those with a foundation in the music scene. The late Augustus Pablo originally opened Rockers International in downtown Kingston, Jamaica as a record store in 1979. Today, the Rockers International record store acts as a landmark for music enthusiasts while the label produces new releases, original projects, and vinyl releases.

King Tubby and Augustus Pablo’s works, especially the tracks which were compiled for this album some 40 years ago, are the foundation of Dub Rockers Music and up to this day remain a standard for the Genre as well having influenced the creation of other genres like Dub Step, Drum and Bass even Hip Hop roots stem from the approach which Tubbys and our dad had to creativity. Creating countless versions and or remixes and the Sound System Culture which was and still is a main platform to present this form of music which is engineered to played on sound systems

We are taking a different approach to the release which will give new and old fans the opportunity to be a part of this release and add a personal familial touch to the experience.

Addis & Isis Swaby

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Augustus Pablo (l) with King Tubby (Photo: Dave Hendley)



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