Lee “Scratch” Perry Interview: Politics, The Illuminati and Reggae’s ‘Second Revolution’

Anyone who loves either Reggae or Dub knows that neither would be possible without Lee Scratch Perry. Known for his innovative use of recording equipment to create unique sounds, but above all else his unpredictable behaviour, Scratch holds a special place in the heart of lovers of Jamaican music around the world.

Since the 1950s, Perry has been a significant influence in the careers of major Jamaican artists, and has produced some of the most successful records of singers such as Bob Marley, and Max Romeo. He also has a prolific performing career of his own, with a collection of Dub records spanning decades.

Scratch talked to Dan Cody from Negril, Jamaica, where the singer has spent recent months with his family, performing in concerts, discovering local talent, and taking part in community projects such as giving away bicycles to the local children. In the interview they talked about Perry’s recent artwork series he has created with British artist Peter Harris, how they reflect on the politics of the world, and how Perry feels a second Reggae ‘revolution’ is coming very soon.

CLICK HERE to read the fascinating interview at NoMajesty.

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