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Raver Reviews: Lutan Fyah’s ‘Music Never Dies’ a “Perfect Storm”

Of all the reggae albums promised for 2017, my most anticipated by far is the Lutan Fyah/I-Grade Records collaboration titled Music Never Dies (I-Grade Records) due to drop March 17, 2017. Though Lutan and Zion I Kings have collaborated on riddim projects before, this is the first full length studio album from the two.

Zion I Kings is the most prolific and influential reggae collective of the past two decades hands down. This fact is indisputable in my opinion. Their productions with the Virgin Islands contingent of reggae artists completely redefines the sound of modern roots reggae with creative and unique productions which distinctly separate their sound from everything else.

This sound is characterized by an authentic and profound spiritual intensity, overtly Rastafarian and Pan-Africanist lyrical themes, and multi-layered percussive and horns-driven soundscapes which give the sound a deeply reverential and ceremonial feel – the perfect marriage of the digital with the ancient. It is a sound that has clearly influenced an entire generation of aspiring roots reggae artists and is largely responsible for the resurgence in popularity of socially conscious roots reggae throughout the world. Zion I Kings is the production triumvirate of Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred, Andrew “Moon” Bain of Lustre Kings and David “Jah D” Goldfine” of Zion High Productions), who produced what is, in my opinion, the best reggae album of the past decade – Midnite’s 2014 album Beauty for Ashes.

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lutan fyah album cover


1. Music Never Dies
2. Kick it Inna Africa
3. Beat Dem
4. Put A Fyah In Deh
5. Real Woman
6. Nah Go Down
7. Bredrin Still
8. Take That Back
9. Perfect Storm
10.Test A Money
11. Too Much Ramshackle
12. So Di World Ah Run
13. Beat Dem Remix



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