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Raver EXCLUSIVE: “H.I.M. Teachings Dub” (Zion I Kings’ ‘Dub in Zion’ | 2017)

Every single dub track on Zion I Kings’ forthcoming album Dub In Zion is a heavy-hitter, however, “H.I.M. Teachings Dub” is no doubt one of the best – an astounding dub track featuring Drew Keys’ hammering keyboard line married brilliantly with the bottom melody of the trombone. Keys’ contribution on this track is critical as it is a wholly new and unique keyboard sound that is rarely, if ever, used in reggae recordings.  The sound provides an Eastern vibe to the track which is more reminiscent of a style used in hip-hop recordings by producers like RZA or Bobby Digital – a real nice element of flair that makes this track truly memorable.  The tune also features relentless crucial kete hand drumming by Jah David, an element that is characteristic of many ZIK’s recordings.

Album available through Itunes Friday, May 26, 2017!

Raver Reviews: Zion I Kings ‘Dub In Zion’ (2017)

Simply put, Zion I Kings are not just the finest collective of reggae musicians in the world, or the finest production team in the world, they are a force of nature.  Undoubtedly the tightest, most innovative, and most prolific reggae ensemble since the Roots Radics, this Grammy-nominated production team has completely upended the reggae world, redefining the definition of the “authentic reggae sound.”  Their forthcoming dub album titled Dub In Zion is a phenomenal set which underscores the group’s dominance over the modern roots landscape.

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Zion I Kings (ZIK) is the production triumvirate of Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred, Andrew “Moon” Bain of Lustre Kings and David “Jah D” Goldfine” of Zion High Productions.  These three talented multi-instrumentalists have produced some of the finest, most indelible reggae albums of the past fifteen years from artists like Midnite, Akae Beka, Dezarie, Abja, Lutan Fyah, Perfect Giddimani, Yami Bolo, Jahdan Blakkamore, Ras Attitude, Ras Batch, Glen Washington, Pressure, and Ziggi Recado.

Dub In Zion is Volume II in the ZIK’s dub series. It contains eight previously unreleased instrumentals and two tracks which are dub versions of tunes which appear on Lutan Fyah’s new album Music Never Dies (“Test A Money” and “Bredren Still”).  This latest edition follows on the success of the 2016 Dub In Style tribute to legendary Roots Radics drummer Style Scott.  Of course the album features instrumentation from the ZIK band, the finest collection of players recording and touring in reggae today.  While many associate ZIK with the St. Croix reggae movement, the ZIK band is a diverse set of multi-talented musicians hailing from the U.S., Virgin Islands, and yes, Jamaica.  In fact, as Jah David pointed out in our recent interview, the backbone of the band is Jamaican Lloyd “Junior” Richards, a world-renowned drummer and son of famed Jamaican reggae legend Lloyd “Richard Ace” Richards, a founding member of the Sound Dimension, Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One house band.

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