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The Backbeat Conspiracy “Don’t Let the World”

The Backbeat Conspiracy just released a brand new music video. It’s the visual backdrop to their second single
“Don’t Let The World,” a song about not losing hope in a world that sometimes seams cold and difficult.

Songwriter Jens Evaldsson elaborates:

“Don’t let the world get you down – those are the chorus lyrics. That doesn’t mean we should ignore everything bad that’s happening around us though. But some distance gives us the opportunity to understand people’s situations, and an opportunity to see how we can influence to make a change. We do not have to carry the world on ours shoulders, we just have to give it a push in the right direction. In the video we will follow a man and a child arriving in a small town, to spread their message.”

Video director Per Alexander Esbjörnsson explains, “If we’d had an endless budget we might have animated the whole band as love warrior and put it together with some magical aerial footage, BBC’s Planet Earth – style, to show some of the beauty in the world. However, the budget was somewhat more limited, so we came up with the idea of two persons traveling around the world to spread their message.

We tried to keep the mood of the actors serious. A feeling that their journey has worn them down and that they might falter in their conviction sometimes. Just like most of us, I guess. ’Why do people behave so awful and ruthless at times?‘, ‘What can I really do about it when I’m living in a safe bubble?’, ‘Will anyone even care about this?’ We let ourselves stay somewhere between those questions and a more decisive mindset. The TV-footage comes from open archives and works as a look into the singers thoughts as we follow him and the kid through the city.”




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