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Rare previously unreleased Peter Tosh interview!

Included here is a never-before released Peter Tosh interview with Randall Grass, notable radio DJ and chief of Shanachie Records. The interview occurred at the Holiday Inn, Philadelphia, PA on July 25, 1981, during his Wanted: Dread and Alive tour. Big thanks to our good friend Randall for sharing this previously unreleased interview with MIDNIGHT RAVER after all these years.

The interview is really remarkable for several reasons. In this interview, Peter references those “Babylon people” who want him dead, even stating at one point that people are trying to kill him all the time. He also references his song Wanted: Dread or Alive in this amazing conversation. Ironically, Tosh met his fate on September 11, 1987, the victim of a brutal slaying in his home in Jamaica.

It speaks to the dangerous line that people Like Tosh and Marley walked, associating with a hardened criminal element while at the same time singing songs of truth and rights which ultimately made them rock icons in the golden era of reggae.  Very few international superstars had this same experience, returning home from tour to streets that were literally running with blood.

Included here is a review of Tosh’s performance at the Rainbow in London on June 30, 1981:




Peter Tosh, Holland, 1981



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