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Arkaingelle ‘Tru Da Fyah’ (2017)

Arkaingelle’s TRU DA FYAH is an album of world class roots reggae with stirring Rastafari lyricism at its spiritual core. Featuring the Zion I Kings (ZIK) signature musical soundscapes, this twelve song set carries the listener TRU DA FYAH of Arkaingelle’s heartfelt visionary panorama – expertly sung and crafted songs with a message designed to uplift and liberate.

From the opening cry of “Majesty!” on “My Journey”, Arkaingelle sets the tone, both personal and universal, that unifies the album’s songs. Here the journey TRU DA FYAH commences. “Eye Frequency” conjures the forming of Creation with swirling synth lines and a chorus singing “and I behold”. Rocking rim shots from ZIK drummer Jr. Richards, catapult “Herbalist” into the realm of memorable ganja anthems. The title track “Tru Da Fyah” has a melodic hook that takes no prisoners and features Arkaingelle’s lively kete hand drumming.

Other stand outs songs include “Be Good”, a plea for good social living based on inspiration and edification, and “No War” with Denesha Downer’s background vocals ringing the message home. “Beloved” is distinguished by the vocal and lyrical contribution of Akae Beka and the dynamic drumming of Aston Barrett Jr. TRU DA FYAH concludes with “Ancient of Days”, a Nyacoustic chant highlighted by Drew Keys’ trombone.

Producer JAH David Goldfine handles the mixes on most of the songs with fellow ZIK members Andrew “Moon” Bain and Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred adding a mix each. Music for TRU DA FYAH was largely recorded in south Florida by the recently deceased Gary Woung, a longtime contributor to the ZIK sound.

Guyana-born and residing in California’s emerald triangle, Arkaingelle has delivered a compelling and coherent album destined to be one of this year’s best. In 2016, Zion High Productions’ Akae Beka album LIVICATED was included in iTunes list of “Best of” titles. TRU DA FYAH merits the same higher heights treatment.




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