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Akae Beka: True African Teacher

Akae Beka

“If you know a little bit about science, you know that the electron upon observation cannot retain its form — the negative power upon observation, simply observation, cannot retain its form.  There are actual people who know how this works in real life. The negative power of the electron, it cannot remain, even in the lab it cannot remain in its form at all once it’s been discovered and observed. It must morph, you know.”

Vaughn Benjamin – Bend Bulletin

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Ah, hm, yeah, hmm
Ah, oh yeah, ooo yeah

Glory and majesty
Highest of honour and of praises
This day it please I fe see the mountains
More than all
More than all the dwellings of Jacob
Ithiopia Sensi breezes
Solomon black ganja breezes, Ithiopia sensi breezes

Cosmic of a flower, white with the purple fringes
Heathen I ask Jah for the nation houses
Choices. Talk out of balance and then is ropin’
Chant out a science for the chosen
For the chosen
Standing unburned ina the oven

Just a smooth shade of changes
Smooth shade of changes yeah
Glory and majesty
Highest of honour and of praises
This day it please I fe see the mountains
This day it please I fe see the mountains

Changes from Moses
Sergeant we nar go worship Cundalini
Just fruitify no multiply and loveless
Delicacy and pure creation will do this
Oh yes glory and majesty, majesty,
Majesty highest of honour and of praises
This day it please I fe see the mountains
Ithiopia sensi breezes
Solomon black ganja strain au breezes


Keep Good Relations:

“It was a real joy and an honor to welcome Vaughn Benjamin, Ras L and Edward of Midnite/Akae Beka into the studio in the flesh with InI. Even after a full day of travel including multiple airports, Midnite/Akae Beka landed in Eugene only an hour and a half before InI went live on the air. Vaughn did not even make it into the hotel before making it to the studio and InI Give nuff thanks. But I did not come soft with the questions and we see iron sharpen iron as Akae Beka weaves together the deepest realms of the mystic into concrete, relatable and relevant truths. RasTafari Lives and Rules and Reigns.”

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