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Micah Shemaiah “Roots I Vision” (2018)

Perhaps the most anticipated roots reggae release of 2018 is Micah Shemaiah’s Roots I Vision (Evidence Music), which was released on February 16, 2018.

Micah describes the album:

“Roots I Vision is coming out of my own troddings and the way I see the world in the future. Roots music has been the cornerstone of spirituality in this world from its inception. And though marginalized by popularity and the ever changing illusion machine, ran by the powers that wish to enslave the earth. I see where inevitably as people more and more trod towards a consciousness of who and what they are, we will see the interconnecting of all life to one end. Righteous Livity.”

Born in the heart of Kingston city…..where the reggae music originated…….raised on a strong foundation of Rasta teachings and a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel……prepared Micah Shemaiah for his great impact and genuine, authentic delivery of true sounds and vibrations.

Micah Shemaiah is a singer/songwriter/producer, who has planted a solid foundation in the reggae industry and is certainly singing his way into the hearts of reggae lovers all over the world.

This Musical Light…..is a bundle of talent and creativity. One who is known for his spiritually powerful performances worldwide. All the people who hear him….will experience a great connection, at many different levels and for sure…….Micah Shemaiah will deliver on his promise, for all listeners to experience a joyful, blissful ride on the “Wings of Jah” music.

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