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Launched in 2011 by Jah Raver, MIDNIGHT RAVER is your place for serious reggae biz on the web. One of the most popular and credible websites about reggae, MIDNIGHT RAVER promotes reggae music and artists. With more than 10,000 weekly visitors, MIDNIGHT RAVER is one of the most significant platforms on the web for reggae artists. When Raver talks, the reggae massive listen. Jah Raver is respected as a writer, critic and commentator. He is often featured on the most prominent reggae websites in the world including World-A-Reggae, Large Up, Inity Weekly, and Island Stage. Visit our Wikipedia page to learn more about Midnight Raver.

Raver reviews only those reggae releases he finds original, substantive and worthwhile. RAVER REVIEWS is the gold standard for reggae album reviews on the web.  A record reviewed by Raver is like money in the bank for an artist because readers have come to expect only an honest and forthright review based on the quality of the music, not the popularity of the artist.

MR has been featured in The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Jamaica Observer, Billboard Magazine, Investors Business Daily, JamaicansMusic, PeterTosh.com, BobMarley.com, Pitchfork, Virgin Islands News Online, Diply.com, Slate.com, Ebony.com and other websites and publications of note. The website is also sourced in author Paul Sullivan’s book ReMixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora (2013).

  • Raver w/ Drummie Zeb & Familyman, DC, 2013
  • Raver w/ Courtney Dodd at Studio One, 2015
  • Raver w/ Wilburn "Squidley" Cole, Baltimore, 2016
  • Raver at Studio One, 2015
  • Raver w/ Cedella Marley,Bethesda, 2014
  • Raver with Barrington Levy, Kingston, 2016
  • Raver with Jah Screw, Kingston, 2016
  • Raver, David Hinds, Rootsman, Bethesda, 2016
  • Raver, Doctor Dread, Bunny Wailer, Kingston, 2016

“Many thanks to the folks at MIDNIGHT RAVER for all their efforts to both catalogue and contextualize the vast array of Bob Marley and Reggae media online. A great resource for casual and super-fans alike… One Love!”  – Zach Weinberg, Tuff Gong Worldwide

“I like the MIDNIGHT RAVER website principally for the quality of information I can find there. This information is usually imparted in a way that combines the necessary enthusiasm with a measure of objectivity – particularly noticeable in the many interviews and career surveys. It definitely ranks high on my reggae bookmark list.”  – Steve Barrow, Author, Record Label Chief (Blood & Fire)

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is a magnificent site featuring loads of information on artists who made reggae music great…” – Ray Hurford, SMALL AXE

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is my primary source for comprehensive and quality information on reggae music and the reggae music industry as a whole. I’ve always been particularly impressed by their emphasis on substance rather than hype.”Carlton “Tetrack” Hines, Singer/Songwriter

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is a beloved treasury and archive of Jamaica’s reggae music, serving the world daily with articles, photos and videos of past and present reggae history – often exclusive to these pages. Nowhere else can I find the kind of in-depth information I get at MIDNIGHT RAVER.” – Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah, Jamaican author and filmmaker

“I man love the fact that Midnight Raver continues to build a platform for all reggae artists who choose to keep reggae music positive.  They also have ’nuff credibility within the reggae community most of all great I-spect for the artists.” – Count Ossie, Jr., Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is the most satisfying way to get news about quality reggae—old and new, prominent and obscure—in the world these days. It also acts as a portal, featuring content from such notables as Dermot Hussey, Roger Steffens and Doug Wendt, with links to others. With an incredible archive of music and video, MIDNIGHT RAVER goes deep!” – Randall Grass, General Manager, Shanachie Entertainment

“Raver deadly with him words!” – Bob Andy, Singer/Songwriter

 Harrison Stafford from Groundation shouts MIDNIGHT RAVER at a recent appearance in France

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  • Hey,
    Please tell Doug Wendt I just found his reggae radio hours from Midnight Dread from the late 70's and 1980 on Mixcloud. Strictly Roots! They are the best archived audio the ENTIRE internet has to offer, Bar None. Please tell him thanks....

  • Hi, my name is Nelson Serieux. I am a Reggae/Folk artist from St.Lucia. I just released a music video for my latest single.."Plastic Smile" and would love to air it on your blog. Below is the link to the video and all my info. Let me know if you need anything else

    Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peSxkMW5COU

    Nelson Serieux

    Social Media:
    Nelson Serieux : instagram
    facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nelson-Serieux/271096262950495?ref=hl

  • Huge fan and big question: recently purchased and original press linval thompson Trojan press and there appears to be a hand written note from Jacob Miller enclosed - I want to get your thoughts / opinion - thanks man - huge fan again - cm

  • Greetings, want to share this historic upcoming release with you and your fans.
    Best Regards,

    Dr Bassie
    Fe True Records

    Fe true records is happy to debut, "Straight to Hell" by Horace Andy on the BBC this Sunday. Tune In to the Don's crucial reggae hour. We will be releasing 250 vinyl copies of the tune shortly thereafter along with the mighty Big Youth and Eric Beaumont pon the 12 inch! Tune In Roots Lovers Worldwide

  • Hi,

    I would like to send you links to some of my music. How can I do this please?

    Here's some information about me:

    Here's my new album, recorded in seven different countries. Much of it is about African-American spirituality, i.e. voodoo, Rastafari and more.
    Track three features my long time associate Roger Steffens and track four, six, twelve and thirteen are reggae, some of it done in Jamaica. Please click on song names to get more info about each track.

  • Crucial works, been fallowing for some time now...Give thanks for the works over the years! Many Blessings!!