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Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh live, Youth Consciousness Festival, December 25, 1982

Bunny Wailer live, Rototom Sunsplash 2015!

Bunny Wailer in dub!

Roger Steffens on MD #104 Dec 20th-21st 1981 KTIM Pt 1 The Year’s Best

Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff together on-stage (Previously Unreleased Photos)

Rise Shine MD #88 September 13th-14th, 1981 KTIM it dread inna Inglan

Turned Tables MD #87 September 6th-7th, 1981 KTIM foundational roots aplenty

No Mercy MD #86 August 30th-31st, 1981 KTIM with Tosh interview

Feel Up Reggae MD #84 August 16-17th, 1981 KTIM Bim!

Tough Tight & Midnight Dread #77 June 28-29, 1981

Summer Comin’ Hot Midnight Dread #76 June 21-22, 1981

The Wailers w/ Soul Brothers “Bend Down Low”/”Freedom Time” (1966)

Poor & Clean Midnight Dread #74 June 7-8th, 1981 KTIM

Jahsome Music Midnight Dread #72 May 24-25th, 1981 KTIM San Rafael, CA Bob Marley Memoriam continues

Bob Marley Memoriam Midnight Dread #71 May 17-18th, 1981 KTIM From Simmer Down To Coming In From The Cold

Johnny Too Bad Midnight Dread #68 April 26-27, 1981 Problems In Being A Dread

Zion in Sight Midnight Dread #67 April 19-20, 1981 Seen

Bad Moon Cool Up Midnight Dread #65 April 5-6, 1981

Reggae on the Precipice Midnight Dread #64 March 29-30, 1981 KTIM weapons without compromise

Raver Reviews: Dub Syndicate’s ‘Hard Food’ a hard and heavy salute to Jamaica

Dub Syndicate feat. Bunny Wailer “Bless My Soul” from the ‘Hard Food’ LP (2014)

Jah B-Sides and Extended Mixes

Bunny Wailer speaks from London, May 1973

Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers .. 1972

Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers .. 1971

Bunny Wailer, Music, Peter Tosh
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