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Dennis Brown 7s, 10s, and 12s

I have a ton of Dennis Brown vinyl.  He was so prolific.  Maybe Jamaica’s greatest artist since Bob Marley.  Here are a few of my favorites. Also included is a review of the Wolfs and Leopards album from Melody Maker. And yes, that is a young Ronnie James...
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Hugh Mundell “King of Israel” (J&F) 12″

In my opinion, the “Jah Fire Will Be Burning”/”King of Israel” 12″ on the Fatman label is one of the best-produced 12″ singles ever.  Produced by Fatman at Jammy’s studio, both tunes are absolute stunners, and both are in extended form on this 12″.  “King of Israel” is...
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Love Joys “Gimme Back Parts I & II” (Wackies) 12″

One of the gnarliest tunes ever presses to vinyl.  I found this original press 12″ in NM condition recently.  Bullwackie tests the Gods on this one.  And the B-side mix of “Stranger”?  EVEN TUFFER!!@!  GRIMY, DANK, everything that Wackies represented. Don’t dare miss this one.  As Bullwackie say...
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Wackies 7s. 10s, and 12s

Here are more Wackies selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  I’m a mad Wackies collector so if anyone is looking to unload any originals hit me at midnightraverblog@gmail.com. Wackies always had the most soulful female singers.  More than any other label, Wackies represented female singers always and every...
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