The King of Pop holds court inna Kingston Town

I invite everyone to check out the new feature I wrote for www.bobmarley.com titled THE KING OF POP HOLDS COURT INNA KINGSTON.  Big up to my friends DUBWISE GARAGE, Manu Morales, and Neville Garrick for their contributions. Were you aware… Continue Reading


Bob Marley Interview, Swing Magazine, Jamaica, July/August 1975

As we continue highlighting Bob Marley during the 70th anniversary of his birth on February 6, 1975 here is a fascinating interview with Marley in Jamaica.  Published in the July/August 1975 issue of Jamaica’s SWING MAGAZINE.  Reposted from 2012. http://issuu.com/marleyarchives/docs/swing_14_july_aug_1975_bob_marley_0?e=4111797/11327340… Continue Reading


Legend in the Lens: 20 Awesome + Inspiring Images of Bob Marley (LargeUp.com)

Big up my friend Jesse Serwer and all the folks over at LargeUp.com for soliciting my input for their outstanding “Legend in the Lens: 20 Awesome + Inspiring Images of Bob Marley” feature.  I shared five of my favorite images… Continue Reading


Bob Marley and the Wailers, The New York Phonograph, October 1975

Here is a rare piece about Bob Marley and the Wailers by Mitch Cohen which was published in the October 1975 issue of WNEW’s free paper THE NEW YORK PHONOGRAPH.  The group amazed the NYC music scene with a legendary… Continue Reading


Cool Up July’s Musical Heatwave with the ongoing Reggae MD Listening Party

This conscious reggae signal never ends. Reggae MD’s good for you monthly world-wide, your guide, massive Reggae Music Listening Party occupied all time zones July 19th from Noon-4pm Hawaiian Time, 3-7pm Pacific, 4-8pm Mountain, 5-9pm Central & 6-10pm Eastern Time,… Continue Reading


Summer Arrives with Midnight Dread’s Reggae MD Global Listening Party

“Smiling Children” in Jamaica painting by Deeling Gregory This signal never ends. Tune in now. My monthly interactive world-wide, your guide, massive & mighty Reggae Music Listening Party specially occupied all time zones Saturday June 21st, from Noon-5pm Hawaiian Time,… Continue Reading