Hugh Mundell live, Oakland, CA, December 11th & 12th, 1981

While conducting new research on the life and times of Hugh Mundell, we discovered that he performed two additional dates in Oakland, CA that were never before documented in Jah Raver’s in-depth feature on Mundell titled GREAT TRIBULATION: THE LIFE… Continue Reading


MIDNIGHT RAVER documents new Tosh tour date!

Since launching the Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry last year, MIDNIGHT RAVER has documented more than 100 tour dates and venues that were previously undocumented in existing sources. According to this article, which was published in the September 14, 1981… Continue Reading


Exclusive! Peter Tosh in Vienna, Austria, June 1981

Today we have a MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG EXCLUSIVE!  The MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG recently obtained rare video footage of Peter Tosh’s visit to Wien, Austria in June 1981.  As part of his European tour, Tosh plays the 2nd Annual Vienna Folk Festival, Donauinsel,… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh “Equal Rights” Amsterdam, June, 1981

Included here is rare audio of a live performance of “Equal Rights” by Peter Tosh during his run in Amsterdam during June 1981.  Also included is an extremely rare poster denoting the performance, which is being sold right now on a collector’s web site right… Continue Reading


‘Wailers Words’ by Penny Reel (NME, June 1981)

The following Wailers compendium was compiled and written by Penny Reel.  It was published in the New Musical Express on June 6, 1981 and June 13, 1981. If you are a Wailers fan, I HIGHLY recommend you take a read of this… Continue Reading


Tosh fans riot in Montreal, October 13, 1981

Here is a concert review for Peter Tosh’s performance at the St. Denis Theatre in Montreal, CA on October 13, 1981.  The article, dated October 18, 1981, was published in the Lethbridge Herald. CLICK TO READ IN OUR DIGITAL DOCUMENT LIBRARY…