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Why ‘AcousticaLevy’ should win the reggae Grammy

There are countless reasons why Barrington Levy’s AcousticaLevy should win the Grammy for Best Reggae Album.  It is an album with a tremendous sound thanks to the outstanding guitar-playing of Lamont “Monty” Savory of the C Sharp band and the brilliant and skillful production by Handel Tucker.  It...
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Barrington Levy “Murdera” (AcousticaLevy) 2015

Check the first single from Barrington Levy’s AcousticaLevy “Murdera”… The release of “Murdera” on April 6th represents the first single to come off of Barrington Levy’s highly anticipate album Acousticalevy. AcousticaLevy drops on Doctor Dread’s new Trinity Records label on April 25th 2015.  The soon-to-be released album is...
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