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GREAT TRIBULATION: The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell

Last year I wrote an essay chronicling the life and short career of Hugh Mundell.  The story was the product of two years of extensive research, interviews, and seeking out everything I could find on Mundell.  A few months ago, I launched in order to feature the...
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Augustus Pablo: Man From The Hills, NME, 1986

Included here is a great story about Augustus Pablo which was published in NME 11 October 1986. Pablo features heavily in my 3-part written piece on Hugh Mundell, which is only days away from being published.  Titled “Great Tribulation:  The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell,” the story...
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Hugh Mundell “My, My” (Pablo International)

Readers of this blog know that I am a Hugh Mundell devotee and I collect anything and everything that has his name attached to it.  As a reggae collector, sometimes you just come across pure gold, and when you do, there is nothing like it in the world. ...
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