Chosen Brothers “March Down Babylon” plus Version (Wackies)

Another heavy, heavy roots tune from Wackies House of Music.  Would you expect anything different from Bullwackie?  Heaviest riddims on the planet.  Harder than the best.  Roots reggae done inna NYC stylee. Recognize the riddim?  “Handsworth Revolution“ aka “Revolution” riddim… Continue Reading


MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Album Pick of the Week!

JUNIOR MARVIN’S ‘LION TO ZION DUBWISE (2013) This week’s album pick is the new dub album by our friend Julian “Junior” Marvin titled “Lion To Zion Dubwise,” which was recorded and mixed by Jim Fox at Lion and Fox studios right here… Continue Reading


MIDNIGHT RAVER’s Album Pick Of The Week

This week’s pick is ‘Lovers Leap Showcase’ by Bim Sherman, my favorite Jamaican singer, hands down.  The album, released in 1979, is a stunning listen!  Not only do you have the vocal stylings of Bim Sherman, but also on this… Continue Reading


Midnight Raver’s Bob Marley Tribute Mix Vol. 1: Rare Vocals and Dubs (by Dynamic Duo)

Some of you might say that I am dropping this priceless rare vinyl tribute mix a day late.  You would, of course, be wrong.  Bob Marley gets a full week here at MIDNIGHT RAVER.  One day fails to adequately memorialize… Continue Reading


Don Carlos “In Pieces / Version” (Firehouse) 7 inch vinyl 45 rpm

Don Carlos’ brutal roots anthem on Firehouse/Negus Roots limited edition translucent vinyl. Side A “In Pieces” (Chant Down) Side B “Version” Yes we’re gonna chant down Babylon kingdom down Chant it down ya man (2x) Rome is for the Romans…. And… Continue Reading


In Bob We Trust

Included here is a rare interview with Bob Marley by journalist Niall Stokes.  The interview was originally published in Hot Press Vol 1 Issue 20, March 30, 1978.  The print article can be found HERE. In Bob We Trust Niall… Continue Reading


Natty Dread In Babylon: Bob Marley Interview 1975

My good friend and avid Bob Marley collector and historian Marco Virgona is a regular contributor to the Midnight Raver blog.  Today, he donated this 1975 interview to the archives.  Marco is partial owner of www.bobmarleymagazine.com, the best site on the web… Continue Reading