Midnight Raver meets Barrington Levy inna Kingston Town (EXCLUSIVE interview!)

It was during my recent trip to Jamaica in December that I had the unique opportunity to sit down with Barrington Levy and talk with him about his life, career, and his new album. I received the phone call from… Continue Reading


Raver Reviews: Barrington Levy goes unplugged on ‘AcousticaLevy’

It was 2013 when we first heard that Barrington Levy was working on an acoustic album of his hits. The forthcoming album, titled AcousticaLevy, represents the first studio album by the enigmatic singer since 1998’s Living Dangerously. Levy burst upon… Continue Reading


Midnight Raver’s Selection Mix: Barrington Levy

VP Records has outdone itself with Barrington Levy:  Reggae Anthology:  Sweet Reggae Music.  This 2 CD set is stock full of those heavy riddims that we cut our teeth on as reggae fans.  Familiar tunes like “Shaolin Temple,” “Mary Long Tongue,” “Poor… Continue Reading