KAZO’S Peter Tosh Black Vinyl Collection

The KAZO Peter Tosh Black Vinyl Collection features the very best sources for 7′ and/or 12′ singles, sometimes complemented with some additional issued vinyl takes. Priority has been given to lossless tracks, however few lossy ones have been selected when they really… Continue Reading


KAZO’s Bunny Wailer Black Vinyl Collection Vol. 4

I have made available for download KAZO’s Bunny Wailer Black Vinyl Collection Vol. 4.  It can be accessed HERE. title: KAZO records a/b sides – Bunny Wailer – Black Vinyl B-04 artist: Bunny Wailer date: 1980-1981 time: 70:45 trader: KAZO (http://kazo.wailers.free.fr) release: 2.2,… Continue Reading


“Anti-Apartheid”/”Solidarity” Bunny Wailer (Peter Tosh on melodica) 1975

“Anti-Apartheid” is a tune recorded in the summer of 1975 as part of the ‘Solomonic Reggae Star Peter Tosh’ project.  Produced by Bunny Wailer and recorded at Aquarius by Karl Pitterson, this tune features the almost impossible talents of Peter… Continue Reading


KAZO’S Bunny Wailer Black Vinyl

I have posted Volumes 1-3 of KAZO’s Bunny Wailer Black Vinyl Collection HERE.  Volume 4 will be posted shortly. I will be adding more as KAZO makes it available to me. title: KAZO records a/b sides – Bunny Wailer –… Continue Reading