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Bob Marley, Hoch Auditorium, 1979

Bob Marley, Hoch Auditorium, University of Kansas, December 6, 1979 by George Diepenbrock Lawrence Journal “Bill Tuttle remembers being in a rotten mood on Dec. 6, 1979. The Kansas University history professor’s house had just been broken into. Someone took two of his cameras, lenses and his sound...
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Bob Marley rehearsal, Tuff Gong Studios, 1980

Included here is perhaps the most magical video footage ever recorded of Bob Marley. My good friend Dermot Hussey filmed Marley rehearsing at Tuff Gong Studios on May 1, 1980. The footage was recorded for a television show that Hussey was producing at the time called “Nommo.”
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Bob Marley, One Love Peace Concert, April 22, 1978

Just cannot go through the day today without recalling what is perhaps Bob Marley’s greatest performance, and maybe one of the best performances for any live musical artist ever. I’m speaking over course about the One Love Peace Concert, which was held on April 22, 1978. Included here...
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Bob Marley “Natty Dread”

“Natty Dread” is such an intriguing tune.  Bob Marley had a way with making triumph out of tragedy.  “Trenchtown Rock” is a great example of Marley taking tragedy, i.e. life in the ghetto, and turning it into a triumphant celebration of life.  There are many examples, “Them Belly...
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