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Joe’s Reggae Books

Joe Jurgensen is a lifelong Wailers and reggae fan, lover and collector. Within his collection of Wailers memorabilia, Joe has amassed an almost complete library or rather truthbrary of Bob Marley books. In 2009 after years of compiling Marley books, he published, ‘Bob Marley: The Complete Annotated Bibliography.’...
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Who? Bob Marley

Title: Who? Bob Marley Author: Hannah; Illustrator: White Whale Publisher: Dasan Books Year: June 15, 2012 Pages: 194 ISBN: 9788963707570   Keeping with the children’s book theme, here is a pretty cool book I just picked up. It will for sure be included in the next edition of...
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I and I Bob Marley (Joe’s Marley Books)

If you’ve ever seen a copy of my book ‘Bob Marley The Complete Annotated Bibliography’, you’ll notice that I include a chapter on illustration books. Fortunately, in the world of Bob Marley books there are enough illustration books to fill a entire chapter.  Many are done in a comic...
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