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Reggae MD, Good For You

Now ear this. A new full-time full up stream for Midnight & All-Day Ravers: After many months, & special tests Doug Wendt presents a special tonic & degree,
 Extra something guaranteed, recipe balanced carefully, FDA I-proved, Reggae MD Vital vinyl, unique mixes, carefully selected, all ages, covers &...
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Wayne Jarrett “Satta Dread”

Produced by Pete Weston and released on Barbell as a 7″ single in 1975, “Satta Dread” features one of the most gifted singers you will hear on a Jamaican record.  Moving to Hartford, CT from Allman Town, JA in the early seventies, Jarrett hooked up with Lloyd “Bullwackie”...
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Audley Rollins “Repatriation”

Yesterday I presented a killer 10″ from former Wackies artist Audley Rollins (Rollen) titled “All I Want.”  So I haven’t slept past 4:00 a.m. in more than 5 years for some reason.  Just happened one day that I got up at 4 a.m. and it stuck ever since. ...
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Wackies 7s. 10s, and 12s

Here are more Wackies selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  I’m a mad Wackies collector so if anyone is looking to unload any originals hit me at midnightraverblog@gmail.com. Wackies always had the most soulful female singers.  More than any other label, Wackies represented female singers always and every...
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Noel Delahaye “Tribal War” (City Line)

Big up to my man Ira at JAMMYLAND NYC for coming through with the last clean copy on the planet, and at a righteous price as well! Noel Delahaye blessing Little Roy’s “Tribal War.”  Produced by Bullwackie with riddims by the Bullwackies All Stars.  Tune is b/w “Tribal...
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Bullwackie: The Man With The Midas Touch

Love the vibes here from these two selections from Jah Children Invasion (Wackies).  Is there a tune that Junior Delahaye cannot completely own with his vocal styling?  Listen when he brings the chorus “bring back that sunny day…” Lloyd Barnes…the Barry Gordy of WACKIES HO– USE OF MUSIC,...
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