Carlton Barrett’s Last Rehearsal, Mount Airy, JA, April 1987

Carlton Barrett was my favorite member of The Wailers. I have written several tributes to this man, who many consider to be the greatest reggae drummer that ever lived, and one of the greatest drummers ever.  Like many brilliantly gifted… Continue Reading


Carlton Barrett Tribute by Roger Steffens (KCRW FM Broadcast 1987)

Like many talented Jamaican musicians from the golden age of reggae, Carly met an early, violent end at the age of 36, ironically the same age that Marley met his physical death.  Whilst returning home one night from grabbing dinner… Continue Reading


Feel It In The One Drop

The importance of drumming, and of the drums, in reggae cannot be overstated.  If one were to describe a true reggae riddim as a house for example, the drums would make the foundation; the bass would make the structure; and… Continue Reading