The Wailers Do Manchester, 1973/’76

This OK Dave concert poster for The Wailers’ gig at Manchester Polytechnic on Saturday, November 24, 1973 sheds new light on the show, which bombed terribly with less than 200 attending! According to the poster, The Wailers appeared alongside Ingroville… Continue Reading


“A Man For All Reasoning” by Neil Spencer, New Musical Express, May 16, 1981

Published just 6 days following Bob Marley’s passing, this fitting tribute by Neil Spencer hits hard and heavy.  I include it primarily because of the photo, a publicity photo for the “Catch A Fire” album, which is one of my… Continue Reading


Book Review: Catch A Fire by Timothy White (Joe Jurgensen)

You asked for it, now Joe provides! #19 Bob Marley: Catch a Fire by Timothy White Title: Bob Marley Catch a Fire Author: Timothy White Publisher: Several but main ones are Henry Holt/Owl (U.S.) and Omnibus (UK) Year Published: 1983-Present… Continue Reading


The Wailers Play Matrix, San Francisco 1973

It’s April 1973 and The Wailers have just released their debut album Catch A Fire for Chris Blackwell’s fledgling Island label.  They immediately depart for the UK and US to play shows in support of the new album. Jump to… Continue Reading


Rare 1973 Interview with Bob Marley

As I’ve said before, this is a blog by the fans and for the fans.  The following interview was shared with the Midnight Raver Blog by my good friend Fred from France.  He has a deep reggae archive and he is… Continue Reading


Catch A Fire: Album Overview

I have included an absolute gem for you guys tonight.  My good friend Fred is a noteworthy archivist and collector with extensive knowledge about reggae, especially Bob Marley and the Wailers.  Please visit his website at: http://voiceofthesufferers.free.fr/ CLICK TO OPEN… Continue Reading


Bob Marley and the Wailers “Concrete Jungle” (Unreleased Lazy Version)

This “Concrete Jungle” remix by The Upsetter is pure fire!  I was so impressed I had to share it. (Just to clarify, this is a fan remix, not a remix from the early seventies). [soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/the-upsetter-1/bob-marley-the-wailers”] “Concrete Jungle” Unreleased Lazy… Continue Reading


Rare Marley and Tosh Acoustic Jam Session, 56 Hope Road, 1973

Today I am sharing a rare jam session featuring Bob Marley and Peter Tosh circa 1973.  This jam session, recorded by Wailers’ member Lee Jaffe, is one of many that occur at the Island House at 56 Hope Road in… Continue Reading