Cedella Marley appointed ambassador for the National Women’s Football Program

Our good friend Cedella Marley has been appointed ambassador for the Jamaican National Women’s Football Program.  Football was such an integral part of her father’s life.  If Bob was not rehearsing, recording, or performing, he was playing football.  As Marley friend and former JBC broadcaster Dermot Hussey once told me:

“I saw him prepare  for the Natty Dread  tour, rather like how a prizefighter prepares, eating right, playing a lot of soccer every afternoon in the yard of 56, as a conditioning for his wind and stamina.  It was a ritual.  During a pickup game of football, which Bob played vigorously, if you tackled him badly, he would reciprocate  immediately.”

During a press conference held yesterday morning at the Jamaica Football Federation, JFF President Capt. Horace Burrell announced that Cedella Marley has been appointed ambassador for the National Women’s Football Program. In his announcement Capt. Burrell spoke of the Reggae Girlz skill and talent and his belief that bringing the internationally known CEO of Tuff Gong International on board will help to garner the support and awareness that the team needs to advance to the finals of the Women’s World Cup in Canada 2015. He noted that he himself was impressed by the enthusiasm and passion Cedella has already started to bring to her new role.



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Bob Marley Became The Reggae King Through Hard Work

by Amy Anderson


Back in January a reporter from INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY contacted me regarding an article she was writing in which she was interested in using Bob Marley’s dedication and work ethic to discuss leadership and success in the financial world.  I thought this concept sounded intriguing so I decided to help her in any way I could.  She had already interviewed our good friend Rohan Marley and I put her in touch with Roger Steffens, who has been instrumental in the success of MIDNIGHT RAVER.

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Bob Marley, Smile Jamaica, 1976



‘Three Little Birds’ fly into NYC

As reported in the Jamaica Observer…


THE musical, Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, written by the reggae legend’s daughter, Cedella, opens at the New Victory Theater in New York on February 7, one day after what would have been his 69th birthday.

“This is going to be the best birthday ever for Dad,” Marley told the Speakeasy magazine. “There will be a lot of children around celebrating.”

The musical is based on Marley’s children’s book, Three Little Birds which she says was inspired by her three sons.

“That was the song that could put them to bed at night and wake them up in the mornings,” she said. “My middle son was getting bullied at school. He would come home crazy sad and I would hum the song to him.”

The Three Little Birds musical originated in Washington, DC, last year, and Marley remembers bringing her children to opening night.


“To see the little children in the audience singing along — I thought maybe they would know 1-2 songs, but they knew so many,” she said “I was like, ‘wait a minute!’ They were singing ‘One love’.”

In addition, the musical includes the title song Jamming, Roots Rock Reggae, I Shot the Sheriff and Is This Love.

The show will play at the New Victory until February 23.


I took my 6-year old son to see the play when it premiered in DC in 2013.  READ what I had to say…

Dennis Brown interviewed by Roger Steffens (Post #1000!)

Sunset Marquis Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
November 11,1982

There were many opportunities available to us for the #1000 posting.  There are two interviews in particular that I considered posting, exclusives with some very prominent artists who we have not heard from in a while, but I have other ideas for those.  Of course, we could have posted an unreleased live performance recording, but we have shared much music here over the past 2 years and it just did not seem special.

But when Roger Steffens offered up unreleased audio of a well-known interview he conducted with Dennis Brown in November 1982, my mind was made up.  Somehow, I wanted to go back to the foundation for this post, and with Roger coming through with pure gold once again I feel like we have come a full 360 degrees.  Roger is the one individual who has supported this site since Day One, when it was just me and a shit-ton of reggae treasures.  So big thanks to RoJah once again for everything he has done, and for everything he continues to do to support the heart and spirit of reggae.  Also I would like to send a huge thanks to Cedella Marley for coming through on her end for us this week.  Dermot Hussey…thanks and big respect boss every time.  Doctor Dread deserves a huge shout for sticking his neck out to make something happen.  Soon come, Doc.  Also Pekka Vuorinen, Frenchie, Noel Hawkes, Steve Barrow, and Flabba Holt….thanks for making this a week to remember.

So here I have included 3 different excerpts, each approximately 4 minute long, from Roger’s interview which runs a little over 34 minutes.  However, the excerpts I have included are the “meat” of the interview.  Here we have Dennis refuting rumors that he is ill and in the hospital with one lung.  Also refuting rumors that he is a homosexual.  All of this is brought about by his producer, Joe Gibbs, who called Roger the day before the interview to tell him that he must address with Dennis these rumors that are going around.  However, the true gold here is in segment three where Dennis sings a cappella to Roger and the girls in the room.  Just listen, you’ll see…A transcript of the interview can be found HERE.

“It’s lots of fun in a room full of female fans of his (who laugh when he addresses the rumors that he is gay); my 3 year old daughter Kate who’s crying about something and hustled out of the room by her mom; and Tony G, his friend, who was Bob’s road manager. It includes snatches of songs like “What A Difference A Day Makes,” “Misty” and “Sitting and Watching.”  I attempt to sing the dog-whistle high notes of “Misty” to my everlasting embarrassment. But all in all it’s a good natured and pretty casual conversation, brought into being by Joe Gibbs’ calls in the preceding days. The interview took place in the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood, just off the Sunset Strip, a hotel that Bob and Peter used to stay in too.” – Roger “RoJah” Steffens

Also included here is my own personal vinyl rip of Dennis Brown’s “Concentration” 10″, which was re-issued several years ago by Trojan Records.



CEDELLA MARLEY’S Midnight Raver Blog Millenium Mix

Our good friend Cedella Marley has blessed us with a playlist of her favorite tunes to recognize Midnight Raver Blog for the things we do to highlight the righteous works and historic life of her legendary father.  Cedella has been a friend from the start and it is truly an honor to know that she finds value in what we do here.  A multi-talented artist in her own right, Cedella Marley is always there to provide clarification, answer questions, and promote what we do here to her hundreds of thousands fans and followers through Facebook and Twitter.

Also, big thanks to Lindsey Shook, who really helped make this happen.  Lindsey always showa love to Midnight Raver Blog every time!

So here is Cedella’s playlist, which kicks off with a beautiful a cappella version of “Nice Time,” the nickname bestowed upon Cedella by her father.


1. Bob Marley & I-Three – Nice Time A Cappella
2. Bob Marley – Nice Time (Original)
3. Rita Marley – One Draw (Extended)
4. Julian Marley – Boom Draw (Live)
5. Lauren Hill & Bob Marley – Turn Your Lights Down Low
6. Stephen Marley – Break Us Apart
7. Eek a Mouse feat. The Wailers Band – Wa Do Dem (Live)
8. Gregory Issac – Night Nurse (Extended)
9. Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
10. Third World – Now That We Found Love
11. Ziggy Marley & Melody Makers – Free Like We Want 2 B (Live)
12. Abyssinians – Satta Massagana
13. Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem
14. Kymani Marley & Protoje – Rasta Love