CEDELLA MARLEY’S Midnight Raver Blog Millenium Mix

Our good friend Cedella Marley has blessed us with a playlist of her favorite tunes to recognize Midnight Raver Blog for the things we do to highlight the righteous works and historic life of her legendary father.  Cedella has been… Continue Reading


Reminder: Support Cedella Marley’s CHO! 4 CHARITY

Cedella marley has been very supportive of what we do here at MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG.  This is why we are proud to support her CHO! 4 CHARITY campaign, which is vital to the survival and growth of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. CHO! 4 CHARITY… Continue Reading


Support Cedella Marley’s ‘CHO 4 CHARITY’ Campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Lindsey Shook SA Studios Global Lindsey@sastudiosglobal.com 415.272.7180 Cedella Marley and 1Love launch CHO! 4 CHARITY A Holiday Fundraiser benefitting Jamaica’s Victoria Jubilee Hospital NOVEMBER 26, 2012 – Today Cedella Marley, daughter of reggae legends Bob and Rita… Continue Reading


“You Can’t Blame Those Who Have Tried”: An Interview with Cedella Marley

With the release of “Marley”, the new documentary by director Kevin MacDonald, there seem to be lots of Marley family interviews coming to light.  This is an interview with Cedella Marley from PopMatters that was conducted on the eve of… Continue Reading