Bob Marley Audio Interview, NYC, 1975

On June 20, 1975, Fikisha Cumbo interviews Bob Marley on the 24th floor of the Barbizon Plaza hotel in NYC. Bob and his band of dreads are in NYC to play the Schaeffer Music Festival at the Wohlmann Skating Facility at Central Park South.  Ms. Cumbo, a new devotee of Marley and reggae,  owes her enthusiasm for the man and his message to the album Natty Dread, which has not left her record player since she bought it.

She attends the Wailers’ show at the Shaeffer Music Festival and is taken to Marley’s trailer.  While most of Marley’s interviewers at the time were white males, Cumbo is a black female with enthusiasm for Marley and this new style of music.  She puts him at ease like no interviewer has.  What she gets is an interview with the reggae king that will live forever in Wailers history.

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