Bob Marley brings prisoners for Palma

Bob Marley w/ Claudie Massop, 1978

Bob Marley brings prisoners for Palma Jamaica Gleaner September 12, 2012 According to the following interview with musician Triston Palmer, Bob Marley played a show in Jamaica to memorialize deceased leader of the Shower Posse gang, Claudie Massop.  This show has… Continue Reading


Natty Dread Makes History: One Love Peace Concert, 1978 Part II

Black Echoes, May 1978#2

It’s January 1978 and Jamaica’s political parties The Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) headed by Edward Seaga, and Michael Manley‘s People’s National Party (PNP) are engaged in a bloody political civil war. Upon his election as Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1972, Michael… Continue Reading