MIDNIGHT RAVER’S selections for best dub mix in 2014!

2014 was a great year for the dub mix.  Just as I thought that Jamaican dub reggae was headed too far down the EDM path, several talented producers stepped in, releasing some of the most authentic dub tracks I’ve heard… Continue Reading


Midnight Raver’s DREADA DUB VOL 7: Who Seh Dub Is Dead?

The long-awaited Vol. 7 of Midnight Raver’s DREADA DUB SERIES includes some of the very best dub mixes from 2014: UNRELEASED dub mixes from Sly & Robbie feat. Paul “Groucho” Smykle from the forthcoming DUBRISING LP FROM TABOU1 (Jah Raver’s… Continue Reading


Natural High Music come correct once again!

As if they didn’t stun ’nuff people with their mind-splitting dub to Dre Island’s “Live Forever,” Tallman and Binghi have dropped another heavy hitter with the version to Dexter Malawi’s “Woke Up This Morning.” Natural High Music is bringing forth… Continue Reading